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1.4km Walk - Optional

Starting at the outdoor swimming pool parking lot, travel north down
the gravel path along the ravine banks. The steep ravine slowly changes
into a gentle waterway known as Ramsay Creek whose pools were
restored as part of a creek restoration project to provide habitat for
juvenile and spawning salmon from Burnaby Lake.
Good water quality is crucial to the survival of humans and fish, and it
is important to recognize that the battle for water quality is generally
won or lost in the small creeks.
When it rains in urban watersheds, such as the neighbourhoods around
Burnaby Lake, the water flows off the surface and down the drains.
This water or urban runoff drains into the creeks carrying pollutants
and other material. If the urban runoff is poor quality, containing toxins
or fertilizers, it decreases the water quality in the creeks.
It is far easier to manage the water quality in smaller waterways than it
is to influence water quality in a large river where the channel is tens of
metres wide. So remember to do your part by reducing the chance of
pollutants entering the streams from urban areas. This helps keep these
creeks clean for you and your children to enjoy now and for many
generations to come. © March 15, 2011 All rights reserved. Play responsibly. QR Meet Up assumes no risk. --------------------