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QR Conference
Stephanie and Alison have designed a program to help you understand QR Code and how it can apply to your business. Local seminars followed by group brainstorming sessions open a world wide web of possibilities.
Converge, Capture, Connect...

QR code was developed in Japan in 1994. A Quick Response (QR) results from scanning code with a web enabled phone which connects users to content via a URL, video, audio file, or text. It can even dial a number.

They have designed a workshop to help people understand QR code. As consumers, it's important to have access to information about products and services; QR codes are being used to link directly to that source. QR is a trend that is escalating quickly in North America (used in Asia and overseas for years)

If you have your own business you can use QR for information management, marketing and advertising. It's an eco-friendly way to connect customers to information. Why hand out a brochure when you can pass a sticker or business card with a QR link to enriched content online ?

Free to create, easy to customize, versatile and adaptable beyond your wildest imagination. Don't leave a paper trail when you can use QR for free.

They'll be holding our QR Code - Get Cracking classes every two weeks. For $20 it's an exceptional bargain. Each session includes open discussion and brainstorming on how to use QR for your unique business or cause.

QR Code - Get Cracking!

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